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Introducing Jeremy Youngurra Donovan & Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty: the AAAA’s inaugural Artist Board Members

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Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty was born at Tennant Creek in 1972 and spent most of her childhood at Nauiyu Nambiyu Community (Daly River). Helen’s ability to express her ideas and experiences, and to make her ancient Dreaming stories relevant to the daily lives of her community, have catapulted her to the forefront of the contemporary Indigenous art scene.

Helen had her first solo exhibition in 2006 in Melbourne and further solo and group exhibitions there, in Sydney and in Perth have quickly followed. In August 2007, Helen was honoured to receive the People’s Choice Award at the 24th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award for her painting Tyemeny Liman’s Wutinggi (Grandpa Harry’s Canoe). Helen was also a finalist at the 2008 Telstra Awards.

Helen now devotes herself to painting full time. She spends her time in her community at Bulgul, on the coast between Daly River and Darwin and with her family, including fellow artist Kerry Madawyn McCarthy, in Darwin. As well as painting, Helen is a committed family woman with a son and four sisters.

Jeremy Youngurra Donovan

Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, but Descending from Kuku-Yalanji tribe of far Northern Queensland, Jeremy Donovan is one of Australia’s most celebrated Keynote speakers and Performers.  Jeremy’s exceptional skill with the didgeridoo, and extensive knowledge of his cultural heritage has earned him the recognition of his peer’s as a master storyteller and performer.

One of Jeremy’s greatest passions is working with Indigenous youth. Jeremy encourages and empowers youth to walk in the footprints of their culture and to bring their own understandings, skills and talents out to be the strong unique individuals they are, united by the heritage of thousands of years of culture.

Jeremy travels to both remote and urban communities working with youth development. Jeremy’s work with youth is based around building self esteem, self worth and gaining a greater understanding of Identity. His message is powerful, purpose based and straightforward.

“Learn your culture be proud of where you come from, and never forget the struggle the generations before us have faced. Don’t blame others for your trouble or problems. You control your own Destiny. Your only limitation in this life is the one you place on yourself.”

Jeremy is determined to share with others the Sacredness of his Culture to help break away the walls of ignorance. “I make it my job to educate people from all corners of the world about the beauty that exists within our sacred and traditional culture”

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