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Galleries hit by cyber crime wave

Hackers are using an email scam to intercept payments between galleries, collectors and others

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In recent decades we have seen an emergence of centralised Indigenous art fairs and festivals as well as a critique of colonialisation and consequently, identity – an extension of self, recontextualised through contemporary art making.
The ‘TARNANTHI Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art’ invites leading Indigenous artists to share personal narratives and shed new light on their practice.

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Ernabella artists: walka through history

Acclaimed painter Ben Quilty believes it is only a matter of time before central Australian artists such as Pepai Jangala Carroll are household names.

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You can impact legislation on fake Indigenous art

The deadline in support of the Inquiry into inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art closes on Friday 3 November 2017. Make your submission at:

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If you didn’t head to Desert Mob this year, your FOMO was warranted. Here’s what you missed.

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Increased Traction for Indigenous Artists in Australian Art Prizes

If you haven’t already noticed, a positive shift may be upon us. The traction of Indigenous Australian artists’ presence in Australian Art Prizes is catching.

To back this up with a few figures consider this;

Wynne Prize 2016 Indigenous Australian Finalists – 3 of 34

Ken Family Collaborative – Winner

George Tjungurrayi

Yukultji Napangati

Wynne Prize 2017 Indigenous Australian Finalists – 14 of 42

Betty Kuntiwa Pumani – Winner

Teresa Baker

Wawiriya Burton

Beryl Jimmy

Ray Ken

Manyitjanu Lennon

Mona Mitakiki & Naomi Kantjuriny

Barbara Mbitjana Moore

Yukultji Napangati

Ngupulya Pumani

Wukun Wanambi

Mumu Mike Williams, Willy Muntjantji Martin & Sammy Dodd

Regina Pilawuk Wilson

Yaritji Young

Nyapanyapa Yunupingu

And it isn’t just the Wynne prize that is recognising Indigenous artists’ talent more so than ever…

The Archibald Prize in 2016 didn’t appear to have any Indigenous Australian finalists. In 2017 there were 2; Tjungkara Ken and Vincent Namatjira.

The Mosman Art Prize in 2016 had no Indigenous Australian finalists yet 3 have just been announced for 2017; Bobby West Tjupurrula, Felicity Robertson Nampijinpa and our very own Helen McCarthy who is a proud member of the AAAA.

It is positive to see recognition for the talent of our Indigenous Australian artists. This is reflected in their inclusion in Art Prizes across Australia increasing this year from last. Let’s look forward to continuing this momentum into 2018 and beyond.

Posted by Kellie Stewart 26 September 2017

Breaking with the Past

The ambitious re-hang of the Australian Collection now extends, historically speaking, way back into the ancient past.

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There is still time to nominate for The Red Ochre and the Dreaming Award Australia Council 2017 National Indigenous Arts Awards – closing date Tuesday 4 October. Click for more information and nomination forms.

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Albert Namatjira’s family keeps copyright issue in spotlight, as Namatjira Project hits big screen – ABC News

The family of Indigenous artist Albert Namatjira are continuing their fight to have the copyright of his works returned to them…

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National Gallery of Australia muzzled over Namatjira art treasures – The Australian

The National Gallery of Australia’s Painting Country exhibition showcases an extraordinary ­bequest — several dozen Albert Namatjira works that have not been publicly displayed before — but you cannot see them unless you visit the Canberra gallery.

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Palaszczuk pledges major refurb for Cairns arts hub – Cairns Post

A welcome boost for the Visual Arts in Cairns with exciting redevelopment and Indigenous projects in the pipeline.

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Live Alice Mprantwe Arts Program

Round 2 is open 27 October to 24 November, 2017.
Up to $50,000 is offered for arts and cultural activities to celebrate and invigorate the Alice Springs CBD, as part of the Live Alice Mparntwe arts program October 2017 to June 2018. Funding of up to $50,000 is also available for a producer and production support to deliver the program with Art Individuals including freelance arts producers, groups and not-for-profit arts organisations are invited to apply.

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Awaye Program – ABC Radio

This year’s NATSIAA Judges discuss the winners and the reasons behind their choices.

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Why the Internet Won’t Actually Change the Game for Unrepresented Artists – artnet News

In any marketplace where quality and value are almost entirely subjective, most buyers crave expert guidance. And the primary art market is a textbook example. Even among relatively experienced collectors, a tacit assumption animates the gallery sector: Anyone with the confidence, passion, and resources to open a for-profit exhibition space in such an uncertain industry must know what he’s doing, at least to some extent. And the less knowledgeable the buyer is, the more willing he will usually…

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The history of men’s indigenous art at Papunya and how it transformed Australian Art – The Conversation

A close up from Michael Jensen’s Pintupi and Anmatyerr artists in Men’s Painting Room (circa August 1972). Michael Jensen Seismic shifts occur infrequently on the cultural landscape, and the works produced at such rare moments accrue mystique over and above their individual artistic merit. The 220 early Papunya boards held at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory are the most extensive collection of paintings from the critical juncture when contemporary Aboriginal art first…

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Winner: Wynne Prize 2017

Betty Kuntiwa Pumani

“Antara in South Australia is an extremely important site for Betty Kuntiwa Pumani and her family. Antara is her mother’s country. This place and its significant maku (witchetty grub) tjukurpa were a constant in the paintings of her mother, the late Kunmanara (Milatjari) Pumani. Today, Betty and her older sister Ngupulya Pumani are proud custodians of this country; they map its significance and hold its stories strong in their paintings.

Betty’s signature reds evoke the rocky desert country of Antara, while simultaneously suggesting blood or viscera and an unmistakable energy. The contrasting areas of white and its subtle tonal shifts are a quiet and patient counterpoint to the pulsating reds.

Mimili Maku Arts, 2017″

Finalist: Archibald Prize 2017

Vincent Namatjira

Vincent Namatjira is a Western Arrernte man from Ntaria (Hermannsburg) in the Northern Territory and the grandson of legendary artist Albert Namatjira.

‘I’ve painted a picture of me on a Friday at the end of a tough but good week working in my studio at Iwantja Arts,’ he says.

‘Painting is about fighting really; it’s a battle you have every day with the canvas and the paints. You never stop learning, and you always have to be working and thinking as you paint. This painting shows how I feel at the end of the week when I’ve battled hard, and am now ready to spend time with my family,’ says Namatjira.

‘I usually paint world leaders and celebrities who are famous for making decisions that impact on us. So, this artwork is a bit different, it’s more personal – I’m the one that has been making decisions on my canvases about the stories I want to share.’

Namatjira began painting in 2012. Initially he did traditional dot paintings, under the tutelage of his wife Natasha. In 2013, he started painting portraits.

‘I really wanted to find my own way with artmaking, the way my grandfather found his way with landscape painting,’ he says. ‘Painting is in my blood, it’s part of our family.’

Finalist: Mosman Art Prize Bobby

Bobby West Tjupurrula

This year marks the Prize’s 70th year, which will be judged by Kirsten Paisley, Deputy Director of the National Gallery of Australia.

Bobby’s traditionally inspired work is firmly encamped in the style of his fore-fathers, and has earnt enormous appeal in the NATSIAA’s over the many years he has painstakingly produced complex, important, works for the company.

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